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text your ex back scam

So you want to text your boyfriend or girlfriend back? That's great and a very achievable goal if you do it the proper way.

Texts can be very powerful in all aspects of relationships. They are able to spark love, passion, and romance. They can create mystery and curiosity. They are able to help heal past wounds. They can increase intimacy and may even turn his or her emotions "against them" in a way that turns things to your benefit by opening your ex to the idea of being with you again. Michael Fiore describes this as "text judo" in his step-by-step texting guide, Text Your Ex Back.

But text messages may also be detrimental to your relationship...

They may be used for "sexting" and sending naked pictures which isn't always bad, but which can also lead to some extremely traumatizing and embarrassing situations when you participate in these types of activities with someone you ultimately break up with. As the saying goes, "What happens in Vegas ends up on Facebook", elsewhere on the internet, or passed around until they eventually reach your grandmother.

The wrong types of texts can also start fights, make you appear needy or desperate, cause you to seem boring and uninteresting, and push your ex away for good.

How do we send the best texts and steer clear of the incorrect ones?

Here are 3 kinds of text messages you should never send if you wish to text your boyfriend or girlfriend back to your lifetime.

1.) The "Nothing Text"

"Yo." "What's up? " "Hey." They are all types of nothing texts. In Text Your Ex Back, Michael Fiore explains them as being anything that seems like it's from a 19 year old frat boy. Whether it's monosyllabic and do anything whatsoever to boost the conversation, then it's probably a nothing text.

And merely why are nothing texts bad when you wish to text your ex back? Because they usually end up like this... text your ex back review

Your boyfriend or girlfriend..."Hey."
You..."What's up?"
Your boyfriend or girlfriend..."Not much."
You...stumped on what to do from here.

And you as well as your ex go into this weird stale mate and feel even more awkward with one another.

2.) The "Needy Text"

The needy text often sounds something similar to this...

"What are you doing?"
"Are you dating another person now?"
"Why shouldn't you be texting me back?"
"I've sent you 3 texts and no response. Where are you currently?"
"Why don't you love me anymore?"

These kinds of texts make you seem really insecure. They reveal you lack confidence. They create your boyfriend or girlfriend feel like you're "up within their business". And who wants to be with someone like this?

3.) The "Begging And Pleading" Text

When you wish to text your ex back, the "begging and pleading" text must be avoided at all costs. Here are a few good examples...

"I'll do anything to get you back. Just let me know how to proceed."
"I want you back so bad. Please give me another chance."
"I'm so so so sorry. I promise I'll change. I can not live without you."
"Let's work this out. Please don't date other people. I can not bear the thought of it."

These kinds of text messages cause you to seem desperate. If texts like this, always remember you WANT your boyfriend or girlfriend back again, however, you have no need for your ex back again. Whenever your ex sees you're OK without them, this is when they'll fear losing you for good and will start wanting you back.

Steer clear of these types of messages and you'll have a far greater possibility of getting your ex back, particularly if you find out more about the best tips and techniques for texting your boyfriend or girlfriend after a breakup.
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