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Callaway Golf had a pretty big hit a couple of years [url=]golf clubs for sale[/url] ago with the release of the Big Berth Diablo Driver, Fairway Woods, and Hybrids. At the start of this season, they've released a new version which his hotter, more forgiving, and without the Big Bertha name.

So as many of you already know, the taylormade r1 1s Driver is being replaced by the Taylormade R1. There is no loft number stamped on the clubhead. That's because every R1 driver can be adjusted for loft between 8.5 and 12.5 degrees. The R1 also has seven face angle positions. It's a huge deal that the driver allows loft and face angle to be adjusted independently of one another. Lie angle also can be changed. The R1's three adjustability technologies allow it to be tuned 168 different ways to specifically fit a player's swing to optimize distance and accuracy.

Finally, choose a training schedule that has been designed specifically for Half Marathon preparation. A lot of the schedules on the Internet are designed for those training for full, 26.2 mile marathons. They are often crudely [url=]cheap golf clubs[/url] adapted for Half Marathon Training, i.e. by cutting the runs by 50 percent. It is better to choose a schedule designed solely for Half Marathon Training.

These days, Phuket package is really renowned all over the world and it offers great peace to mind, body and spirit. If you desire to have a great time with your family and relatives, then this is the right place for you. It is really important to break hectic work schedules, spend some moments with your near and dear ones. Just working your entire life and not looking for some good times, will just make you bored. Without good vacations, all will go wrong. Taking a break and moving to your favorite traveling destination will make you fresh. Definitely, you will get a new energy to live and will get more clear thoughts to run your future.

Your feet are the second most important part of your body [url=]ping g30 driver[/url] to look after during Half Marathon Training. The mind is the most important part, but feet come a close second, before legs, joints, lungs or anything else.

There are seven different face angles available and 12 loft options. Forward positioned movable weights increase workability and the Inverted Cone Technology aims to improve ball speed. From a recent survey conducted by TaylorMade, results showed 80% of golfers are currently playing the wrong loft to match their game. With the R1, there are no such problems. In comparison to [url=]g30 driver australia[/url] testing the cheap TaylorMade R11S Driver last year, the R1 offered me slightly more ball speed and less spin thanks to the lower, more forward centre of gravity.

Drives were flying an ideal mid-to-high ball flight and we achieved consistent yardage but struggled to produce any PBs. Off-centre hits seemed to lose a lot more distance than others in the test and we kept hitting the ball slightly left of our target line.