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Ribery muscle injury in training German media: Bayern king or long-term absence

Bundesliga this weekend will again go to war, but in training on Wednesday in the Bayern Franck Ribery and Rafinha main two were injured, possible long-term absence of Franck Ribery, while Rafinha weekend can not be played. NEW YORK, January 29 report: Beijing at 3:30 on January 31, the first 18 Bundesliga, leaders Bayern Munich will be away to rank second in the standings. Although the points gap between the two Ultimate teams have 11 points, but Bayern still not underestimate the enemy up and down, and looked forward to a good start in 2015. But this week, but suffered the injury against Bayern, and the two main Rafinha were injured in training, fifa 16 coins a definitive diagnosis results of the two will be released on Thursday. 'Bild': Franck Ribery muscle injury in training on Wednesday to continue in the Bayern Ultimate team training base to prepare for the weekend's league, but also lowered the snow day in Munich. According to the 'Bild' reported in this Ultimate team Ribery accidentally muscle injury in training, and pointed out that the French veteran is possible because of the injury absence of a long period of time. Ribery last summer, missed the World Cup because of injury, he also missed the last half of Bayern's 10 FIFA 16 games, until November began back in the state again part of the Ultimate team, but this injury led to Ribery again suffered a blow.